Delicious Magazine is renowned all over the world for its fabulous food and state-of-the-art photography. It is also a trend-setter, discovering and promoting new voices (like mine) on the food scene, broadening our views about the world around us.

I have been reading and enjoying it for years and dreaming of being featured in it, talking about Romania, its people and its dishes. It’s seen by millions of people and it is the perfect place to start bringing this unexplored cuisine to the rest of the world.

My dream came true this month, more than I have ever wished for (on two pages!!) and it couldn’t have been possible without the creative, open-minded team at Delicious. I’ll be forever grateful.

So friends, please look for the August edition 2019 in shops or online, read my story and cook the recipe and let me know how you liked it. Thank you.

Recipe here