I was so happy to be asked by food journalist Jade Wright and Good Taste Magazine to write about Christmas in Romania, and what we eat and drink on this festive occasion.

Writing this article made me feel a little nostalgic, thinking about those festive moments spent with my family and friends. I would absolutely love to relive these moments – not by trying to replicate them, but by going back in time and taking in the  joyous atmosphere with a lot of chatter, loud laughter and loads of food. It is impossible, I know. Living such a huge distance away from home gives these memories a crazy deep meaning, and a little hue of sadness.

But hey, I have this dish to enjoy, right? Pork cheeks with creamy polenta and pickles. Here is the link – it has a story and a recipe – I hope that you will like it.


Photo: Constantin Traistaru, see more photos here https://www.instagram.com/constantin.traistaru/