It was a real joy to discover this programme – a different portrayal of us and a little insight into why we are here. The programme intro says:

‘Romanians are the second largest foreign nationality in the UK. Nigel Farage once said he “would not like to live next door to Romanians.” But now they work in the NHS, teach in our universities, pick fruit on our farms and wash our cars. Yet sensational headlines have described them as “criminal gangs” and “begging Roma.”

Tessa Dunlop, a Romania-phile historian, uncovers a misunderstood, multi-layered immigrant community and asks why so many now call Britain home.

The UK has a surprising historic link with Romania. 100 years ago, the British-born monarch, Queen Marie of Romania emerged as a big winner from the post WWI settlement, with her country doubling in size.

Tessa meets medical staff who treated her in hospital, fruit pickers, academics and those working below the minimum wage, to understand more about this community what keeps them here and what stops them from going home.’

Listen here: