New Cookery Classes Online

I’ve teamed up with the American-Romanian Cultural Society to teach a series of cookery classes, where people can learn about Romania’s history and cuisine while preparing a few iconic dishes. It is also a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice the Romanian language, since ARCS runs a Romanian heritage language and culture school, too. The first two courses are available on the links below, including the menus:

 19th March 2023, Romanian spring menu, details here: 

 30th April 2023, Romanian plăcinte, details here 

New cookery classes at Angela Gray’s Cookery School near Cardiff:

5th May 2023: Eastern European Baking course, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. See what we are going to bake here.

8th July 2023: Eastern European and Romanian Cuisine, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. We are going on a journey around Romania with a few iconic dishes. See them here.

About my cookery classes

I’m constantly searching for opportunities to spread the word about Romanian cuisine. The growing popularity of online cookery courses has allowed me to teach Romanian classes based on a Romanian menu, a specific dish or a technique. 

From cooking with cornmeal and making Romanian mămăligă to a full mezze menu and making your filo pastry for Romanian plăcinte, people not only have a few dishes to put on the table at the end of each class but also understand the cultural influences in our cuisine and country. 

I also teach classes for Christopher Kimball’s Cookery School in Boston, for 92nd Roundtable in New York and potentially for The Fowler Museum UCLA. 

I teach in-person classes, as a guest tutor, at Bertinet Cookery School in Bath, Angela Gray School in Cardiff and potentially Jamie Oliver Cookery School in London. 

Here are a few examples of the structure:

Making Romanian mămăligă and how to cook with cornmeal. 

People learn about how the Ottoman Empire influenced Romania’s culture and the trade routes from the Black Sea and the Danube to Poland and The Baltics. They learn the golden ratios for making good cornmeal bread, which gives them a good starting point to experiment with their recipes.

A journey through Romania in 3 dishes: Alivenci bread, Chicken and pickled gherkin stew, Fried papanași doughnuts served with sour cream and jam. Learn about fermented vegetables in Romania, how to cook with them, the Jewish influences in our cuisine, and their once prosperous communities in Moldavia, eastern Romania.


People are always surprised to learn that we have thriving communities of Crimean Tatars in Romania. They learn about them while making one of their most iconic pastry filled with lamb or cheese. We are making both versions on the course. 

Romanian Plăcinte pies class

We’ll bake our way through two iconic Romanian pies while learning about the Roman Empire ruling over some lands of today’s Romania and what ingredients and cooking techniques they brought with them.