5th February, Romanian leek and olive stew, mushroom mini rolls and apple compote


Saturday 5th February 2022 from 6pm UK time.

We will make a three course meal: leek and olive stew, mushroom mini rolls and apple compote.



Mâncare de praz– is a famous vegetarian stew, usually served during Lent. It is very easy to make and it has the irresistible combination of sweet and sour flavours. In Romania, we love to eat it with thick slices of bread but we are going to make a favourite recipe of mine:

Pateuri cu ciuperci – mini mushrooms rolls or pies. We are going to prepare them from scratch, and therefore you will have a very good pastry recipe in your baking portfolio. If you don’t like mushrooms, I’ll give you an alternative filling with cheese and onions. The pies are perfect for sharing as a starter too, and any leftovers can be served for lunch the following day.

For dessert, we are making poached apples, Romanian compot de mere, served with an elegant sweet wine sauce. However, I’ll show you how to make the sauce without alcohol, if you wish. It is a dish that warms us from the inside out, delicately scented and sweetened with honey. It ends the meal on a light note.

Diets and preferences: The course is vegetarian but not vegan or gluten free.
Prepping: Minimal, weighing the ingredients.

The course will be held on Zoom. Closer to the date, you will receive all the recipes and instructions and a link to the class on Zoom. I can send you an online gift card too.