19th February, Plăcinte cu mere and Șuberec


Online cookery course making Romanian plăcinte and șuberec. We will bake a Romanian apple pie and fry lamb or cheese folded pasties.

Saturday 19th February 6:00pm UK time.

Let's make two iconic dishes in Romania: plăcinte and șuberec.

First we bake. We will make a plăcintă cu mere, apple layered pie, that will be just as moreish served warm or cold. You will learn about this typical plăcintă dough and a few shaping variations. It is a refreshing pie, neither doughy or too sweet, that can be your dessert on the course as well as a tasty breakfast or snack. It goes very well with coffee or tea.

Then we fry: while the pie is in the oven, we will roll and fold the șuberec, which is like a fried small calzone. The filling will be mince lamb, but if you prefer to stay vegetarian on this course, you can use cheese. I will give you a recipe for both fillings, so you can choose. Șuberec is usually served with yoghurt and best eaten as soon as they are fried. However, we will make a little crunchy salad of shredded sweetheart cabbage to go with it.

I am also going to tell you about the history of this ancient dish called plăcintă and how we are pretty much going to make them like the ancient Greeks and Romans used to do.

I won't stop here though: Șuberec is a Tatar dish, served in most of the holiday resorts along the Black Sea coast. The Tatar community in Romania has a fascinating story, it is still going strong today despite its complicated history, and I am planning to tell you some of it while we are cooking.

To recap:

  1. Plăcintă cu mere - Romanian apple pie.
  2. Four Șuberec pasties with lamb and herbs or cheese.
  3. Crunchy cabbage salad.
  4. Learning a versatile type of dough that comes together easily and can be used immediately with any of your favourite ingredients.
Diets and preferences: The course can be vegetarian if using cheese instead of lamb. It can also be diary free if you can eat lamb but don't want to serve it with yoghurt. It is not gluten free.
Prepping: The only prepping to be done will be to weigh the ingredients.

The course will be held on Zoom. Closer to the date, you will receive all the recipes and instructions and a link to the class on Zoom. I can send you an online gift card too.