26th February, Merdenele, thin pastry pies


26th February 2022 from 6pm  UK time

Merdenele, thin pastry pies from Romania. We will make a savoury and a sweet version.



Merdenele are of Turkish influence in our cuisine and the sort of pies that we can buy on our way to work in the morning or for lunch in small bakeries. They are not complicated to make, once we practiced the technique together.

While this cookery class is not a ‘three course meal’ as my other classes are, it is the most technical, and focuses only on this type of pastry. We will make a savoury version (cheese or mushrooms) and a sweet one with apples.

Once you learn how to make them, you will want to experiment with many other fillings, since they are suitable for vegan dishes too. There is no egg or butter in the pastry.

Diets and preferences: The course is vegetarian but not vegan or gluten free.
Prepping: Minimal, weighing the ingredients.

The course will be held on Zoom. Closer to the date, you will receive all the recipes and instructions and a link to the class on Zoom. I can send you an online gift card too.