Mark Taylor, the food editor for Olive Magazine, has put together this tempting list of trends for 2020 and I feel like I want to try them all.

I was reading about seacuterie, posh sarnies and cooking with hay, and then I realised that the article was more than just about food trends. It was also about shifting our mind set towards a couple of things that are really important such as reducing packaging in our day to day life and the importance of good practice in the food industry when it comes to mental health. Magazines have an incredible power to raise awareness about current issues and I think that Olive Magazine deserves a lot of praise for endorsing these causes.

All in all, this is an excellent list of trends for 2020…and, of course, you can say that I’m biased, because if you scroll down to Holiday hot spots, you will find my name mentioned in relation to Romania. I’m so grateful to Mark for including my country in this list.

Mark says: ‘Want to discover the next foodie hot spot on your travels this year? Head to eastern Europe and the Caucasus, which we predict will see a surge of interest in 2020, especially Romania, Ukraine and Georgia, thanks to the popularity of social-media-friendly food writers including Irina Georgescu (her cookbook Carpathia: Food From the Heart of Romania is out in March 2020)’

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