This is a fascinating list of travel trends for 2020 written by the travel editor of Olive Magazine, Rhiannon Batten, and by the travel writer Charlotte Morgan.

You will find Central Europe and the Caucasus to be the opening headline of the article, including travelling to Romania, which makes my heart sing. What a joy to see my country mentioned here! Romania is a stunning country, whether you like the untamed spirit of the Carpathian mountains or the rich bio diversity of the Danube Delta, or anything in between, Romania is the place to visit this year. I’m so grateful to both Rhiannon and Charlotte for including it.

Rhiannon writes: ‘ It’s Romania and the Ukraine that our money is on for enjoying the largest surge in visitor numbers. The forthcoming publication of Irina Georgescu’s cookbook, Carpathia: Food From the Heart of Romania (look out for Irina’s upcoming feature in the magazine), and Olia Hercules’ next release, Summer Kitchens (a much-anticipated window onto regional cooking culture in the Ukraine), will no doubt tempt more of us to visit those two countries.’

Please find the full article here: