This article is published in Finland’s most important food magazine Glorian Ruoka & Viini, and was written by Hanna Jensen.

A friend of mine who lives in Helsinki has kindly translated this article for me:

‘At first the journalist Hanna Jensen is describing Romanian cuisine in an admiring manner, then reminiscing about her first trip to Bukarest with its food markets, and the dishes she had there. Then she is referring to the LA Times article about you and Carpathia and your memories of 1980’s, what was available and you mother’s cooking.’

‘Then there’s a chapter of how tasty Romanian tomatoes and fruits are and what you do with them (ps. smoked plums sound fantastic!), and noting that the most popular recipe from the book must be apricot-yogurt tart’

‘Hanna is also asking food writer Lavinia Gligă about her thoughts Romanian food culture, then going back to your book and the importance of polenta!’

‘Hanna ends the article saying Romanian food culture is a big treasury 🙂 and referring to something Lavinia has said about Romanian breakfast culture (coffee and cigarettes) showing, that Romanian food culture has also a sense of humour in it’

My friend Jella also adds:

‘Over all the article makes me want to visit Romania and get my hands on your book even more!’

Jella is a very talented photographer and her account on Instagram is full of stunning imagery. Please have a look here